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Use Instagram to create communities

Use Instagram to create communities,

There are two ways to create a community on Instagram. Instagram is becoming the reference social network for many social media managers since it offers several advantages. The first of its advantages is that it is visual and, therefore, the content of the brands that take care of their image is fine in a neat environment.

Instagram users have a short ‘feed’ when one of these accounts has relevant content, it is highly likely that it will be displayed on the wall, on the contrary, what can happen on Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram is growing among users, and where users are spending more time wanting new content. On the contrary, from what is happening with Snapchat, the Instagram content is there for more than 10 seconds and, therefore, you can create a digital image.

There are two different ways to create a community and brand within Instagram. On the one hand, we can do it through influencers and, on the other hand, with Ads.

How can you create a community on Instagram as an influencer?

Every time many brands choose influencers for their Instagram accounts. There are advantages of credibility and relevance. The influencers, prescribers as in traditional advertising give credibility (athlete, known designer, or person) to a brand.

Influencers, either through paid or natural collaborations, recommend what they like and that goes with their lifestyle. Therefore, when an influencer puts on a shoe of a certain brand or uses what he considers useful and tells about it, his followers understand it as a recommendation, thus giving value to the brand.

Influencers allow you to expose the brand to your audience that has engaged with your Instagram account. Its relevance is comparable for its followers to a wedge of a television program. The user is hooked on the content of a specific account because it classifies it as of interest and, therefore, if the brand is integrated into the content, it cannot be classified as advertising.

What is sought in this case is naturalness. If the content is not natural, neither the credibility nor the relevance that influencers give is achieved. To choose an influencer it is important to see the engagement they have as well as the affinity they have for the brand.

How can you create a community on Instagram like Ads?

Since September 2015 Instagram Ads reached the users of this network, and every day new things are learned from this Instagram marketing platform. At first, users were uncomfortable with the ads that were put on their timelines, but this did not lead to the loss of these users on Instagram.

One of the most important aspects of Instagram is the exclusive attention of the user to the application. When a person is viewing Instagram, given the nature of the mobile device, their attention is going to be unique. This does not happen in other social networks where you have to fight for attention with other windows.

The great challenges of Instagram Ads are to ensure that the ads become relevant and few intrusive, so that they are not perceived as noise within the social network and, therefore, they stop having the attention of users.

What key factors for businesses on Instagram?

– Offer relevant content. The user of the social network puts 100 percent of his attention on what he sees at that moment. Therefore, the content has to be of quality, directed to the right user and done in a natural way, therefore, not intrusive.

– Start using it as soon as possible. As in the beginnings of social networks at the moment the prices are not very high. What allows you to test and learn with a lower CPC than in other social networks, and therefore, can give an advantage over the brand’s competitors.

– Take advantage of the possibilities of Instagram. It offers options to segment users geographically, by interests, type of education … That is, to get to know the users more deeply and address ourselves exclusively.

– Make sure that our landing page is optimized for mobile devices. Instagram and its users are mobile devices and their traffic is achieved through these devices. Therefore, it is important to adapt the landing page to the conversion of mobile device traffic.

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