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How to Get Brands to Notice You on Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is filled with bazillions of bloggers. The reason behind it is that Instagram is not just an app to share your lifestyle, experiences, or expertise. Instead, you can also turn it into a money-making machine for you. But the question is, how to get sponsored on Instagram?

Instagram sponsorship is not as easy as it seems. Millions of Instagram bloggers are fighting tooth and nail just to get noticed by influential brands. Influencer marketing is a raging industry these days. The cultural narrative is no longer controlled by just TV, Magazines, and other orthodox advertising sources. Instead, social media comprises an immense power in this regard. That is why brands are looking for affluent influencers to market their products and services. Influencer marketing does not only prove to be cost-effective, but it is also very efficient.

To know how to collab with brands, first, you must develop the right approach and mindset to start this journey. Here are some tips and tricks which you can use to get noticed by brands on Instagram if you are a newbie:

Build a Larger Audience

The first step to getting brands to follow you on Instagram is building an impressive follower-base on Instagram. Brands are not going to collab with an influencer having low followers count and less reach. It’s important to gain more followers on Instagram to get businesses to notice you.

To build a wider audience on Instagram, people get followers for their Instagram handle. At IGFollowers, we have many UK-based influencers as our customers who buy Instagram followers UK from IG Followers from us to grow their accounts and for getting offers from businesses to collab with them.

Create Impeccable Content

Every Instagram blogger knows that they must put forward high-quality content to get noticed by brands, but what throws them off is how to do it? If you are seriously looking forward to working with fantastic brands, you must also upgrade your standard. Your Instagram analytics reports must be impressive enough to convince brands to work with you.

Say goodbye to stealing photos from Google. Break up with unengaging and poor captions. Instead, bring forward your A-game. Please find out your unique qualities, perfect them further, and then show them off, girlfriend.

Your Instagram content must tell potential brands how you can be the perfect option for them. So embrace your qualities and skills and build a cohesive and beautiful Instagram theme, making companies that pay for Instagram posts fall in love with your content.

Find Brands in Your Niche

Not every brand will match your energy, so you must be looking for those brands of the same niche as you. Many brands are now focusing on Instagram marketing for their e-Commerce stores and to grow their audience. For example, let’s suppose you are an up-and-coming tech reviewer on Instagram. You want to get the attention of brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, etc., but your Instagram page is filled with pictures of your toasted bread, cute dog, and recent vacations. It will make you seem irrelevant to your niche, and other more giant sharks will quickly bulldoze you before you know it.

Hence, your priority should be to post engaging content within your niche, so your chances of being noticed by desirable brands become higher. You can also engage with your favorite brands by commenting on their posts. Refrain from generic praises and go for interesting questions that make you seem genuinely interested in their merchandise.

Be Transparent

Although being fake helps in the start, but this ride quickly comes to an end. Your content and Instagram presence must be candid, whether you are writing captions, sharing BTS on your stories, or commenting on someone’s post. Just like everyone, brands also greatly appreciate honesty. They are not always looking for Instagram bloggers who blindly praise them. But they value honest influencers whose honest reviews (and sometimes criticism) regarding their services/product can reach their target audience.

Therefore, to find brands to work with on Instagram and build a strong relationship, you must become trustable first by being honest.

Have an Authentic Audience

Even if your Instagram account has many followers, if your content isn’t engaging, all of your efforts are wasted. Generally, brands require you to have an engagement rate of 2% at least. That is why you must have an audience that engages with you and cares about you.

It is not impossible to gain an authentic audience. You can follow few steps to make that happen. You can pin your followers’ comments under your posts. You can engage your audience in a live Instagram session. And, you can also encourage your audience to ask any questions related to your niche and personal life (considering your boundaries).

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Use Geotags and Hashtags

Hashtags and geotags come in handy while learning how to work with a brand. It’s pretty tricky to master how to put on hashtags but trust me, it will be worth it. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your captions. Just make sure that they are not just famous hashtags that are irrelevant to your content.

Most people know about hashtags, but they don’t understand what geotags mean. Don’t fret; geotags mean tagging your photos’ location. Now you might ask what’s the point of it. Well, brands look forward to collaborating with Instagram influencers considering their particular areas. So, they can specifically target the audience that lives near that area.

Tag Your Desirable Brands

The most brilliant way through which you can get noticed by your favorite brands is by tagging them. Instagram sends a notification to the brand whenever it is organized in someone’s post.

Your primary objective through this step is to gain a brand’s attention. Be mindful not to abuse this process. By mindlessly tagging brands in irrelevant posts, you will end up spamming your favorite brand, leading to you being blocked. Only order a brand where it seems necessary.

You see, boo, always tag a brand only if your content matches their niche and you consider each other a perfect fit. This way, the brand will love your confidence, as you are putting up non-paid posts and showing that you care about them.

After going through all these tricks, remember that the world is your oyster. Just follow what your heart leads you to, and while on your way, keep these tricks in your mind to help you succeed.

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