The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics

Welcome to the Instagram analytics guide. For growing your Instagram Account, you have to start somewhere. Instagram Analytics is a great feature to help you study your audience and use these stats for your benefit.

Using Instagram Analytics, you can target the people having an interest in your business, and this way, you will eventually reach new people. It is a powerful tool to improve your content strategy and marketing tactics.

My Ultimate Guide to Instagram Insights comprises Why Instagram Insights Matter? How to access Instagram Analytics? And I will conclude this article by guiding How to Track and Report of your Instagram Analytics?

This article will show you how to use Instagram metrics for your business growth and make your winning Instagram marketing strategy.

Furthermore, I will highlight Instagram Audience Analytics, Instagram Feed Analytics, Instagram Story Analytics, Instagram Reels Analytics, IGTV Analytics, and Instagram Live Analytics. Understanding these Instagram insights will help you identify the strategies that help you get more Instagram followers.

So let’s get started!


How to Access Analytics on Instagram?

Here is the thing, Instagram Analytics are only accessible to people with professional or business profiles on Instagram. So, if you want to know about your audience in detail, consider switching your Instagram to public. It comes with multiple benefits!

How to use Analytics within the Application

If you are an Instagram Business or Professional profile holder, you can access Instagram Analytics by going to your profile. On your profile, you will see a button named “Insights.” Tap and see Insights into your posts, stories, and reels. You can only see Insights of content that you publish after switching to the Public profile.

Let’s move towards Analytics for different features of Instagram!

Starts with:

#1: Instagram Audience Analytics

Getting to know about your audience is an excellent opportunity to make your content strategy. You can make changes wisely after analyzing your viewers for a while.

With Instagram Audience Analytics, you can see your:

  • Followers Growth – how many people follow and unfollow/block you,
  • Demographics – the percentage of men and women,
  • Age – age distribution of your viewers,
  • Active Time – most engaging days and hours, and lastly,
  • Location – city and country-wise.

To access your insights, open the Insights tab and then scroll down to look for “Your Audience.” Tap “Select All” to see some stats of the previous seven days or more.

You can take many advantages of these analytics; for instance, you can post content during the peak times of your viewers to get more engagement.

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#2: Instagram Feed Post Insights

You can access Instagram Feed Post Analytics simply by tapping “View Insights” under your published Instagram Post. However, you can see stats about your post Likes, Comments, Saves, Sends, Profile clicks, Search appearances, Interactions, and lastly, Impression made on your Post.

The metrics mentioned above enlighten how you are winning and on which strategy you need improvements.

For Example,

  • Post Saves–increased Post saves shows that your Post inspired and touched your audience.
  • Post Likes, Post comments, Post sends–increased likes, comments, and your Post sends resonates that your content gave people something to say as they engaged.
  • Post Impressions–increment in Post Impressions shows how perfect your Post was according to the Instagram Algorithm.


#3: Instagram Story Insights

The procedure of discovering Instagram Story Insights is likewise similar to Instagram Feed Post Insights. Tap on the Insights Tab, or you can access analytics by swiping up your Instagram Story.

If you will access through the Insights tab, tap the button and continue to scroll down unless you see the “Content You Shared” option. Tap it and look for the story to see its analytics.

After knowing the stats of your Instagram Story, you can quickly determine which theme and what type of content works better for your online business or brand. Continue to post similar materials to get immense love from your audience.

If you decide to access Instagram Insights directly from the story, swipe up. There you will see the Insights icon. You will be able to see the Interactions, Follows, and Activity of the user, whether he moved backward or forward, and Impressions.

These insights will help you while you decide to create new content for your viewers.


#4: Instagram Reel Insights

Instagram Reels is a new feature of Instagram and is also new to the users.

Therefore, Instagram Reel analytics are partially limited, but you can still access essential and valuable Insights.

Open your Instagram Reels tab here you can see how many people have viewed your video. You can also see the number of views each of your Reel received.


#5: IGTV Insights

You can access IGTV Analytics by scrolling down to “Content You Shared” and then tapping the arrow you see on your IGTV video.

You can analyze your IGTV’s performance for almost two years. The stats you will get to know about your IGTV are Average of time watched, Likes, Video Views, Post Saves, Post Comments, Interactions made by audiences.

By getting to know which type of content your audience previously loved, you will get more creative ideas by sticking to that type. Eventually, you will create content what your audience expects to see.

More engagement from your users enhance your growth and visibility on Instagram.

#6: Instagram Live Analytics

Unfortunately, there are not enough resources to dig deeper and see detailed Instagram Live Analytics. Unlike Insights of other Instagram features, Instagram Live analytics are not accessible through the Insights tab.

It would help if you noticed at the end of your Instagram Live that how many people joined you during your Live.

Don’t forget to take notes about the number of people joined during your Life because it won’t be accessible afterward!

How to Track and Report on Instagram Insights?

You can’t keep up with all of the Instagram Metrics because it’s not an easy task to focus on all of them. Note down your goals whether you want to increase the engagement rate, or you want people to take action through your posts. Your choice!

Just note them and start working on particulars. Having a brand goal and a direction will make things easier for your business to grow!

Working on Instagram Analytics and constantly improving your content can be a lifesaver for you!

You will be surprised!

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