Top 12 ways to get more Instagram Followers

Top 12 ways to get more Instagram Followers

Instagram is becoming the core focus of social media for different purposes. It is a contributive and reputable platform for branding. It is becoming one of the major sources to track real-time traffic direct to landing pages. For making Instagram robust, you must focus on some strategies, tricks, and growing. that provide you with the potential to grow your connectivity with your users. To increase followers on your Instagram, present something unique, and full of fun. Grab user’s attention and leads them to visit your page and also share it with friends and others.

Let’s do it by applying these 12 magical tactics to grow your Instagram and get more followers in the long run. To gain followers in the short-run, buying Instagram followers is the only option.


12 Ways to Increase Followers on Instagram

1.      Optimization of your Instagram Account

According to the multiple kinds of research conducted by, For grabbing more and more followers, you must know the optimization of your account. Include a featured bio with an upfront username. Use your logo as your profile image. It will provide a unique identity and elevate your profile for rapid search.

2.      Use Trending Hashtags

Trending and dedicated hashtags help you to create a collection of the best content. It also provides you with a facility to keep your account up-to-mark and easy to be on the top of search lists. It will help finders to follow your Instagram account. Use the right hashtags at the right time. Avoid to use #followme, #followback, etc.

3.      Tag Featured Accounts in your Post

Always use a specified theme for your Instagram account. Tag popular and featured Instagram accounts to get more followers.

4.      Consistent, Entertaining and Collaborative Content

Schedule your content. Your post must be creative, attractive, and unique to grab the attention of users. When you post entertaining content, users will like and follow your Instagram account.  

5.      Conversation with Popular Hashtags

Join a chat in a thoughtful and responsive manner. It will help to get more Instagram followers. Use topical hashtags and long-tail keywords in your post. It helps to present your Instagram in front of more audiences.

6.      Stay Active

Always be active and keep a bird’s eye on changes surround you. Pest event-related stories and content. It helps to keep update and also reduces the chances of making bore to your user. Comment, like, and share other content to show interactive interaction.

7.      Use Your Story for Authenticity

Instagram is now one of the best social media sites for marketing. Instagram stories help to build personal and authentic relations with others. With real and short-span stories, you can grab more followers by promoting your content. Promote your idea and brand that people like most and love.

8.      Post well Composed Videos and Images

Attractive and well-composed Instagram videos and images are most liked by users. People are most likely to see creative pictures and videos as compare to content. Thus, good and eye-catching imaging encourages bringing more followers. 

9.      Use Filter

Using the right filter helps to enhance the attractiveness and quality of your post. When users pay attention to your post, you will get more followers. Try to use favorable and preferred filters such as Lark, Gingham, and Juno.

10.  Ask Questions in your Post to Increase Engagement

Always as a question in your post. It encourages users to communicate via the comment section and DMs. A high level of engagement helps to bring more followers to your Instagram account.

11.  Keep Track of Competitor’s Activities

Be realistic and always track the activities and doings of your competitors. It will help you to manage your competition level and beat a strong competition. Due to this, more followers will like and follow you.

12.  Be Local

Try to use local hashtags so that local users could also reach you. When you are local and communized, more people will follow and like your Instagram posts.  

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