IG Followers Terms & Conditions

Using services offered by IG Followers.Uk establishes the following agreement. Make sure you’ve to fully read out and understood Our Company’s Terms and conditions before using Services.


 1. This is the
latest Terms of Service 1st January 2020.

2. Any Typing Errors
on this Website reversed.

3. If you aren’t
willing to accept these Provisions of igfollowers.uk, You should not register yourselves or Purchase any Service

4. Any Additional
alterations replace all prior agreements.


1. Using Services of
IG Followers.co.uk we aren’t Responsible for any of the damage to you or your
business that it faces. We make no guarantee that Purchasing our services will
Promote your business or desired Outcome.


IG Followers.co.uk is
only working for promotional purposes for your posts or accounts.

2. Make sure that you’ll not share any
Material that is not Ideal and Standards of Instagram community.

Ensure that you are using Instagram according to its Community guidelines.


1. You are agreed upon using our services that
you have fully understood that what you are purchasing and don’t try to file
fraudulent cases via Paypal.

2. In case of any
Attempt to file a fraudulent case from your side, then obviously we receive the
right to terminate your account, ban your IP address or reset your followers
depending upon the Situation.

Age Limits:

By using our services
and agree to accept these conditions that you are at least 13 years old.


1. You will not
imitate any of Programming, Content, Images used by IG FOLLOWERS.co.uk in any
way without the written consent

Change of Terms:

IG Followers.co.uk has
the right to make any change to its Terms any time. Notices of any change will
be posted on our website from that date. And the effectiveness of the altered
terms begins with the date of Posted.

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