Reasons Why Instagram is better Marketing Platform than Others

Reasons Why Instagram is better Marketing Platform than Others,

Reasons Why Instagram is better Marketing Platform than Others

Instagram is a platform of 1 Billion users and 500 Million daily active users. That is alone a big enough reason for you and your business to take Instagram seriously. And start leveraging the platform without a further delay. Instagram pride itself with one of that platform where your ideal customer is spending up to four hours a day. Here is a super important example that a person isn’t going to open a restaurant in a desert where nobody visits. Rather, his priority would be a pivotal point where many visitors are coming.

You’ll find the active presence of every mega business on Instagram. But that doesn’t mean small-sized businesses haven’t any opportunity. Direct and easy access to the target segment enables every business to reach out to a potential audience. It’s super important to stay relevant while spreading the brand-awareness or marketing your product, services.

In this article, you’ll learn why Instagram is crucial for your business. And why your business should be on Instagram especially in 2020. So let’s straight dive into this and look at why this is so important.

Instagram Statistics

  • 1 billion monthly active users
  • 500 million daily active Insta Story users
  • 68% of Instagram users visit the platform on a daily basis
  • 65% of marketers are much more conscious about Instagram and they’ve made it an essential part of their marketing campaign.

Ability to Engage Well with Audience

The primary reason why brands choose to jump on this platform is the four times better engagement ratio than other platforms. Individuals, communities, and businesses of every size have the chance to reap out intended benefits. So if you want to upgrade your brand digital marketing outputs then the importance of Instagram is second to none.

Ability to engage well refers to the number of likes or comments on each post than Facebook or any other social ground. If you have Many Instagram Followers, then you possibly can translate into better engagement.

Easy-to-use Interface

Instagram isn’t a platform that a normal find difficult to use. If previously you’ve used Facebook or another social channel then it can easily be understood. Due to its ease of usage, HubSpot reported that 80% of visitors take any action after watching any product or promotional message. Also, everyone loves to scroll through the newsfeed and find out the content as per their interest.

Even if you’re a tech-savvy or newbie, its attractive looking interface and user-friendliness will surely get the audience traction.

Easiness of Promoting Products

Social platform which was started as a simple photo-sharing platform has now turned into a powerful marketing hub. Although, Facebook also offers you to add your products. But why Instagram takes the lead in this respect is due to its effortless integration of e-commerce products.

Furthermore, Instagram ads can bring a lot more traffic to your content. The obvious reason why Instagram is earning huge ad revenue is the benefits, marketers are getting from it.

Instant Conversation Starter

Unlike Facebook, you don’t need to install another messaging app. It let you send a message to anyone without leaving the app. This aspect has really minimized the gap between consumer and seller and assists them to build good business connections.

Since Instagram is renowned for its higher engagement ratio; therefore you can utilize this aspect for yourself.

All of these reasons, but there’s another feature that you can’t afford to miss. Instagram stories have quickly grown into a feature of great value due to its massive usage. Every celebrity and marketer actively published stories, especially the content that can’t be shared on the newsfeed.

Practices for Increasing the worth of your Marketing

You’ve learned that in this time of digitalization, it is necessary for every business to available on Instagram. But in case, if you don’t know how to present your message then, unfortunately, it isn’t going to work.

Some ideas you should keep in mind while creating and publishing content are as follows:

  • Well-performed content has the attribute to grab the attraction of massive eyeballs. That can be made possible by focusing on quality rather than quantity.
  • Schedule your posts for optimal timing to witness a noticeable increase in your overall engagement. Figure out your best time to post from test posting.
  • Describe your potential audience and know their interests. If your content is according to audience interest then surely it will perform much better
  • Keep an eye on your direct and indirect competitors and learn the practices they’re currently using. By doing this, you can redefine the quality of your content easily.
  • Capitalize on the hottest topics among your target segment. This will translates into a better engagement ratio like never before.

In a Nutshell

Choosing the right ground for brand-awareness is the foremost aspect of digital marketing. Many platforms are available, but Instagram stand out from the rest due to its flexibility and effectiveness for marketing. In this piece of writing, you’ve also learned the ways through which you can create much better content.

If we’ve missed any of the useful ideas, you can let us know in the comment section.

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