How to Know if Someone Blocked me on Instagram

Someone blocked me on Instagram

How to Know if Someone Blocked me on Instagram

Imagine scrolling through your Instagram feed, and a thought pops into your head. You haven’t seen or heard from someone in a while. When you search them, their profile doesn’t show up. It can happen when a person has deactivated their Instagram account, or they might have blocked you. So how will you check if they have blocked you or not?

Instagram or any other social media site does not send users a notification when someone blocks you. If you have a suspicion about someone blocking you, then you can use these methods to check. Third-party tools are not discussed here, as most of them don’t work. We will only be discussing some manual ways that you can use to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

Search for their profile

If you doubt someone for blocking you, simply search for their username in the search bar. If you can see posts on their profile, then you haven’t been blocked. It is also possible that they might have removed you from their account. In that case, you will see “Their account is private” when you visit their profile.

But if you see their post count and not their posts, following, and followers, then they have blocked you. However, sometimes their profile also doesn’t show up on searching. It means that they have either blocked you or deactivated their account.

Try following them again.

Confirming if someone has blocked you is easy. You can also check by looking at the follow button on their profile. When you visit their profile and see that the follow button is replaced with a label that says “User not found,” then that person has blocked you.

Find them through comments and tagged photos.

You can tell if a person has blocked you by looking at your profile. When someone blocks you, Instagram does not delete old comments they did on your posts and photos that they’re tagged in. You can click on their usernames through comments and tagged photos and visit their profile. If you cannot see their posts, then you have been blocked by that person. Besides that, you can also find that person through your mutual friends. If your mutual friends have tagged that person in their posts, you can tap on that tag, and it will lead you to the profile of that person. is a platform where you can Buy Unlimited Instagram Followers without wasting much time in the struggle to get followers. Don’t worry if someone blocks or unfollow you, our services got you covered

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