Tips to Make Your Instagram Account Secure

Tips to Make Your Instagram Account Secure

Instagram is one of the biggest visually-oriented platforms, with over 1 billion worldwide users. It is a great place to share pictures or videos with your friends or family. It is also a useful platform for marketers, business owners, and brands.

Although it is an excellent social media site, sometimes some bad people give you a hard time. They can be harassers, hackers, scammers, or cybercriminals. For that, you need to take the necessary precautions. In this article, we’re going to guide you on how you can make your Instagram account secure.

1.  Enable two-factor authentication

If you want an extra shield of protection for your account, then activate two-factor authentication. Even if someone finds out your password and hacks your account, they won’t be able to log in without entering the code.

To enable two-factor authentication, open the Instagram mobile app, go to your profile, and click on the three-line icon on the top-right corner. Tap on settings > security and click on Two-factor authentications. Here, you can set-up your code.

2.  Check your login activity

Always check your login activity when you doubt someone hacking your account. From your profile, click on the three-dot icon on the top-right corner, click on settings > security, and tap on “Login Activity.”

Here, you will see the devices and locations where our account has been logged in. If you see an unknown device or location, log out from all accounts and change your password. That way, your Instagram account will be secure.

3.  Third-party apps

Prevent connecting your account to third-party apps and tools. If you do, make sure they are trustworthy or created by Instagram and Facebook teams. These third-party apps have access to your profile and personal information, so it is better to avoid using them.

Login to your account, go to your profile, click on settings > security, and “Apps and websites.” From here, you can delete any third-party apps connected to your profile.

4.  Emails from Instagram

As you already know about the scammers, make sure to check if the emails from Instagram are real or fake. You can find it out by clicking on settings > security > emails from Instagram. It will show you the emails sent by Instagram in the past 14 days.

5.  Secure payments

Before buying something on Instagram, make sure to add a safety pin to your credit card. It will ensure your safety, even when your account is hacked. When you add a pin, no hacker will be able to purchase anything or use your card without consent. Whenever they try to use your card, they have to enter a pin.

This feature is only available for business accounts. Click on setting > payments > security pin, enable the pin, and set-up a code.

6.  Block and Report

If someone is harassing you or giving you a hard time, block them for safety reasons. You can block them by clicking the three-dot icon on their profile and choosing the “Block” option. The “Report” option is given right below it. If someone is posting inappropriate content or offending you, you can report the account of that person.

7.  Other

Make sure to set-up a strong password for your account. Stop sharing your personal information or location on your Instagram to stay secure. Remove your followers if you don’t want someone to see your pictures or videos. You can also control who can message you, comment on your posts, and mention you in their posts, comments, or stories. You can do it by clicking on settings > privacy, and all the options will be given there.

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